The Individual with a –gyroscope
The Resident with a watch
The Liberal/leftist with a status quo,

Residence, residence- Watch!!
They Westernised your local space.
Your’sLand Act, thee segregation
Consent your township’s
Taught or terms
All for ingenuine displacement

Mamas says right or flee my house
the streets say ride or die,- Slang like a guide
Papa keeps promising, sweets, sweets & fruit
Concerned a man, desiring canned prunes.
Kid’s stick to brain cells intellectually ruined.

Family hothouses pride logged
awaiting an axes edge to smite-
Ya’ religion to mankind’s a yoke.

Painting Almighty’s heaven scrape, gates shuts
Ya’ aisle’s there ya’ Give Communion and take
with a morsel that choke’s
A kid painstakingly weeping for a traditional cycle

that not being sired, not inspired by a meaningful indigenous knowledge
denigrates into an idler.
A seducer of fancies, an over shadower of myth
lopsided into an effect
shunned and gone, boy should fill-in with lechery.

For old Wine- skins nor goat udders, untorn they spill
Cracked Calabashes and jars to mend leaking, malt with barney for a cereal
From the gullet, gutted to man becoming dissolute.

For a rake that shows or his first row of teeth, neither shovels great a cargo of reeds,
Or blinded paupers stall rebound, hint that dole so gloomy a traditional cycle.

hoes, daggers, axles and shafts- usher no instrumental reason
for spring or seasonal left- over’s.
rubbles, debris and dead flowers, hers carcass,
surfaces the land-scape like that marbled on- path beneath the verandah
except the suffocated land, heed its novelty-
There’s a stead mill- wind concourse’s along –
Your Public squares.