Just to remind you of the worst day of our lives

The day you told me that you love me

When you told me that you need me

But you just cut me down as usual

And you said you were sorry

It’s too late to apologise.

I loved you with fire red

I needed you like a heart needs a beat

But you weren’t there with me

You were busy with some skanks

I’m now letting you go

You broke my heart not once

Ever since you broke it I’ve been feeling futile

I never thought you’d betray me

Take my broken heart with you

All your promises were broken

So it’s too late to apologise.

You got me feeling so damn low

You made me feel so insecure

And you come back and ask for forgiveness

There are some shits that can’t be forgiven

Its too late to apologise

You broke it not once

And I’m immune to you now

I don’t take shit from no one

And it’s too late for you.