The pain I went through for you is unbearable
It was so painful
I was clearly so hurt
The things I did for us to be together
They are uncountable
But what did you do
You used me
I’m such a fool
I’m a fool to allow me to be fooled by a fool
To believe that you changed your mischievous ways
Our love went from loving to a horror movie
Who thought that love could change to bite
Love was meant to take our sufferings away
To take our pain and our sorrow away
You broke my heart into millions of pieces
No one can fix what you did to me
But I know there is something special that awaits me
I’m going to promise you one thing
I’ll heal
I’m going to heal the misery you brought me
I’m going to forgive you
Because you’re not worth the pain I’m feeling
I’m way past you
I don’t know what I saw in you
But I don’t blame you for your stupidity
Maybe I also contributed to this pain