Now that I’m sitting here

With this feather I’m holding

This ink almost drying up 

The paper almost losing it’s texture

A blank mind is what i have.

I wanna write to you

So you break open

I don’t wanna use simple formulae

Like those of love letters

Ending in dedication of love songs.

Now that I have prepared for this love letter

Between the lines in my heart almost feels like a poem

Words are nowhere to be found

Only in my heart they utter.

Now that it feels hard to write,

My heart I would like to take out and send it to you

To my dearest lover

This one’s for you.

I heard love deeper than the deepest ocean

Stronger that the strongest jewel

Bigger than the earth’s outmost.

But mine’s undefined 

For it has surpassed millions of things

In it couldn’t be bought

Like a planet on it’s obit it revolves endlessly.