If you still have someone who care for you,

My dear stick with that person,

Because nowadays it’s difficult to find someone who care for you ,

I mean someone who truly loves you is very hard to find that kind of person.

I have seen so many relationship died because of lake of trust,

Some died because of lack of communication

Some died because of cheating,

So if you are in love make sure you are trustworthy.

Listen to your partner.

Be the first one to know what do your partner like and what his/her doesn’t like.

I’m telling you .

Your love will be burning until the end of your life.

Always you need to understand that love is not about money.

It’s about how you feel to each other.

You can have lot of money but if you are not happy in your relationship,is the same as zero.

Money doesn’t have mouth to kiss.

Money doesn’t know how to love.

What is bring is hate because many people are dying to have it.

But they fail to love each other.

Forgetting that love is important.