Days go by, weeks fly by,
As well as does month, till a year speeds by.
The feeling of wanting to explode
When people are ready to elope
Waiting for my special envelope,
To contain me and send me away
To reach a certain destination far away.

Examining myself in the mirror on the wall
A waiting for my time to finally have a fall.
The sun rises every morning
And I just keep on snoring
Because my time ticking bomb
Is very close to going of a big boom.
Knowing that those who care will grab a broom
To put me together with glue very soon.

Time passed me by with numb limbs.
An odyssey that gives all artefacts within me motion.
Nostalgic juncture that furnishes proverbial notion.
Our greatest weakness lies in giving up
Attempting to insert my life into a cup.
I was hurrying to catch up with time,
The path to succeed is in attempting one more time.