As I walk down the isle
In my Baby blue dress
My hair held up with pins and ribbons with pearls
the sounds of heels meeting the floor so loud they make a statement
A crown in my head! I didn’t know I was a princess
As I walk down the isle all the memories of our relationship tickle my brain
Pictures displayed like a movie
I remember when you took me to meet your family
Your sisters looked at me like I had been covered with dirt.
Like I was disgusting
I told you about it.
Remember what you said?
You’re not marrying them, you’re marrying me
If they don’t like that’s their business because I Love you
I remember the smile that graced my face
How you hugged me in assurance that you were gonna make my life exciting
I remember how I felt inside when I chose my wedding dress
I was dragged for wanting something different
But I did it regardless because I Loved you
We exchanged vows and rings
Said we’ll stick with each other till forever ends
Said we’ll stick with each other till death do us part
We stuck by our vows
And here we are Ghosts still in love.