Crazy how I always thought
Friends are like family
Through the good and the bad
They will always be there like Emily
Always thought the ones that know you would be more happy to see you happy
See you prosper
Be happy to see you grow
Instead they standing in a row
Waiting for you to fall
Always thought it’s a win for all of us
When a sister opens a new business
And a brother wins the marathon
Shouldn’t we be happy for each other

Always supporting each other

Shouldn’t we be happy to see one of us
Get out and pave the way for us to follow?
Shouldn’t we hold each other’s hand and make sure we don’t get lost
Lost in poverty
Lost in negativity
Lost in a world where not all make it out to the world of milk and honey

Crazy how it all changed
You got everybody angered
Cz you work more
Play less
Graduated and got a new job
Left that toxic marriage
Now you focusing on building yourself
Go out less and read the Bible more

ALL of a sudden you getting new names
New titles filled with negativity
Friends become frienemies
Not helping you right but belittling you instead
Not showing you the way
Cz they don’t wanna see you succeed
It’s a sickness
To see what this life has got too

Always out to get you
Keep your enemies close
You don’t know who to trust more
It is Losing battle its a lose
Case closed
This world is too cold