This is not love

Love shouldn’t feel this way

The foundation of this so-called love is lies

You never get tired of tearing apart this heart of mine,

All these bitter, twisted lies you utter, you say it’s because you’re protecting me from pain.

This is not love,

Does it make you feel great to see me crying?

Does it make you feel happy to see me in pain?

Every night when you come back home

I get worried cause I know you’ll only beat me up

My children don’t even want to call you Dad.

Every time I need you, you are nowhere to be found,

You’ve turned into a monster

I’m even afraid of calling you, my husband.

This is not love

I will never forgive you

You’re so heartless

You keep on apologising, and I forgive you

I keep on hoping that you’ll change

But I’ve realised that abusive people never change

You always tell me how useless I am, yet I keep

This family is together.

I am both the father and the mother of this home

This does not love my Husband

Love shouldn’t feel this way.