I know this is not the first time,
But right now mama, I think
I just got you a beautiful bride.
Well she’s short but guess what
I don’t mind.

Mama this is how I introduce to you my valentine.

I need a new vocabulary to describe her
She’s my Queen,
She needs to be loved with care.
She can’t pretend,
Mama Rorisang is pure.
A wonderful soul
That abides by the law.

Most refer to her as a happy soul.
I wish that we could together
We are hundred years old.
They say love is a criminal,
It stole from me, it stole my gold.

I can’t say we were meant for one another,
But rather we complete each other.
She’s like my complimentary strand,
It’s for scientists to comprehend.

If I’m thymine then she is adenine,
And the same goes for guanine and cytosine.
Girl I love you, and I’m gonna
Let the world know that you are mine.