We were both just kids,

We both fought,

We listened to our friends,

He chose their side over mine,

He hurt me and my heart,

I hated him so much,

He still made fun of me,

I wanted him to realise his mistake,

In the end, he did; he fought for me,

To me, it was already too late,

He did not understand my pain,

The pain he gave me in the streets,

The pain that made me hate him,

He did not give up on me,

He would smile when he saw me,

But I used to cry when I saw him,

We were both just teenagers,

He went away from where he used to live,

That is when I realised that I am too selfish,

I could not forgive him,

We both fought because of our friends,

I did not realise,

That the hatred I felt,

Was love for him,

He will never know,

About my feeling,

His name is Sphephelo.