I’m sitting late in the evening

Overwhelmed by my thoughts meeting

Discussing the pain that I’m grieving

The wounds left by the guest uninvited

The guest that came while we were seated,

Drinking our coffees and teas, united.

The stranger came and snatched our Sunshine

Stealing our beloved for his supper to dine

The unsatisfied beast strikes and leaves a sign

Of our wounded hearts and broken souls that bleeds

He always sprouts amid plants like weeds

To cause havoc and birth sorrow streams

A stranger that comes lurking at our door

An intruder that keeps showing up for more

Even our tears and weeping he ignore

He is the thief that creeps in silence

Taking for himself our joy without a license

And so the grief left bangs like sirens

At his appearance, he leaves commotion

Of fear, hurt, depression and all colours of emotions

The uninvited guest creates a chaotic explosion