Let the pen bleed
Let the storms pass
Nothing lasts forever
Its hard
Its painful

But the storm will pass
You may feel alone
Feel hated
Feel worthless

But you are so special
There are poeple who are happy to have you
People who value you
People who feel like you are everything to them

Yes there are such people around you
Ur life is a blessing
Your life is a motivation to others
You have a mission to fjnish
You not done
Its not over

You might be facing hard times
Cry until you fall asleep everynight
Sleep on an empty stomach

But remember
The hard times makes us who we are
What diesnt kill makes us strong
Strong to face anything
And anyone
And we stand strong and fearless

The storms are not here to kill us but here to make us better people
Hard workers
And strong enough for anythjng