I am An African of rich veins of roots and tradition that are embedded and transcended by those Who came before me
An African of diverse roots that identifies my indigenous African origin
An African of victimized color of skin
Which is complemented by a heart of gold
A modern African who practices ceremonial
Rituals which keeps me in touch with those who came before me
An African who kneels and bow to salute those who laid the foundation in order for me to continue with our proud heritage and traditional legacy
A modern African who holds up and uplift his
Roots for I know and believe that my identity and origin will follow till I take my last breath
For No matter where I end up I choose not to forget where I come from
A proud African a child of the iconic mother africa who produced global idols and icons
Inspirations and role models
Hailing from the deep ends of the continent
Taught and educated about love peace respect
And harmony
Introduced to unifying atmospheres of my African
Where we live for love and to love and share
For we believed that sharing is caring
For we believed that we are people together for a better tomorrow
For we knew that at the end of the day
We are one Africa united by the mud of one soil