I’m in the shadow of love.
Your love shines like a sunbeam,
You’re my shining ray of light.

I was in the dark 

And then you came along.

You brought light with you,

You paved your way to my heart.

I do not regret being with you.

You have mastered what I wanted to get in a relationship. 

You’ve got a degree of my love in my heart.

I’m in love with a boy.

I love you even when I don’t see you.

That’s the time I love you more.

People tried to tear us apart,

We didn’t let them. 

We fought our way to our love,

We are unbreakable, 

Our love is strong.

It’s stronger than our enemy’s strategy.

Our strategy is to love, care and cherish.

I wish our love will last forever.