I am sorry for being cold,

Whereas you only want to feel warmth in your life.

Please take me for who I am, disregard me for

who I am.

I am a rose, fragrant and bright

yet vicious with my thorns.

This traits I never chose for myself.

my soul I could never change even if I wished.

So please be mine for the last time,

please stay when am not feeling fine.

if loving me makes you cry,

I’ll go away and love you from afar.

I’m glad I had you in my life.

if my time to rest comes tonight.

I’ll accept it,

freely knowing

that my memories are safe with you.

If you come to miss me

you have to reach within you heart.

Images of our past will form in your mind

and pain will stain your beautiful life.

Sentiment to all which is left behind,

it means am still with you, but inside.

Wipe off the remnants of me from your face,

With the hand which you before held me


and carry on with your life.

Bury the seeds of past and give heart once more to kind.

Let not fear be your guide in god you must confide.