I’m a sinner that needs a saviour daily!
Thank you, Jesus for dying for me.
I’m a Jesus Freak.
I’m a go-getter.
I’m shy.
I’m smart.
I’m brave.
I’m very beautiful.
I’m a mother.
I’m the greatest prophetess of my time.
I’m blessed and highly favoured.
I’m addicted to energy drinks.
I’m afraid of speed
I’m a cartoon lover.
My biggest phobia is probably small spaces and speed.
I cry when I’m happy and laugh when I’m sad 
I can hide my pain very well. 
I apologise a lot and forgive a lot.
I think human beings were a mistake. 
Yup, you weren’t ready for that one?
I hate apples with my passion.
I believe in shooting stars. 
I don’t believe in marriages, dragons, jujus, or polygamy.
I wanna travel the world. Alone.
Right my name down on a piece of paper, so you won’t forget, in five years’ time. 
You will see my name on billboards.