Mirror! Mirror!
Show me
I command you
Blue dress
Pearls on the neck
Inviting the beauty
Of a lovely face
Look at yourself
With a slow pace

Mirror! Mirror!
I look like a goddess
My eyes are glistening
My skin is glowing
Like an emerald ivy
Sitting on the palace stool
Aren’t I beautiful tool?

Mirror! Mirror!
I look so flawless
And my hair is so pitch black
No wonder I never lack
Mirror! My dress fits
Well and my curves
Are shaped well
I am so happy
I almost fell

Mirror! Aren’t you telling lies
Because I look so radiant
In the way that I have never looked before
I’m asking so I could be sure

Mirror answered , ‘Hey Woman!
You indeed look so beautiful
Everything you said
Is very true
And I’m very proud to show
Your look.