If your heart was a competition I would make sure that I take the first prize
If I had a palace you were going to be my queen the mother of my prince and princess
And if I had money I would have bought an island a place where it will be only the two of us

Baby you light up the sky in colours blue and white even my ancestors would be proud
To have you as their bride sweety
May the holy heavens hear my prayer and bless my bank account with money ’cause I am ready to pay lobola
Baby give me loyalty let us build our own royalty
Just give me you I just hope I am not too late

You have always been my only source of joy
My pride and joy my ride or die
The girl of my dreams baby you have always inspired my hustle that’s why I even today I continue to struggle in a hope that eventually
I will afford wedding gowns prepare our vows and have our own white wedding in front of family, friends and our beloved community

Unfortunately I can’t give my life for you baby but I can live my whole life to love you
’cause my love for you is unconditional, my love for you is unparalleled and my love for you will never die

Never listen to haters just never betray me
Just stick with me through thick and thin
For light always shine after the storm
Let us stick together and forever
I love you