They Said I’m ugly ‘
frightful and unbearable.
At first it did not bother me as my self confidence filled buckets .
It started back in high school ‘nobody Knew how I really felt as it was a usual joke of the day.
Mrs big head ‘ they’ll Say
It almost seemed as if it was my fault as to how i was build and how I’m different to nature
I wondered how being beautiful really felt like. Not that I was complaining’but just tired from everyone’s judgemental ‘behaviour and negative voices.
Once Said if beauty was bought I would have been a millionaire.
No therapy could come between my heart and Soul so I can be healed.
At that moment nothing exhilarated me ‘ being kind and cold at the same time became a hard task to uptake .
The mirror became my dear best friend.
It always uplifted my feelings whenever I felt down.
Kept wondering why it never got tired ‘ crack ‘ breakdown or turn black whenever my tears fall.

It took me years to finally accept who I was .
And it took me months to rebuild my self confidence
And self esteem.i had to someday .
I was simply tired of being in the dark and being fearful of my own identity.
I was no longer a part of that task.
They named me black
What does that even mean ?
Im followed by an image of God and I was made from the love of his facial appearance.
I’m worth it and I’m very very special at my own disposal.
People’s judgemental ‘behaviour does not define who I am
I’m everything it takes to beauty and bright future.
And this time I’m definitely taking my crown and it can never fall down.
I’m a Queen.