It is time to flip over now
everything I had is what I don’t have now,
I am lonely i think about many gals wow
life is uncool I touch this and that, and that is gone now…

It’s not the first time that I’ve died
things are just getting out of a hand,
The whole military on my tail it’s getting bad i am on a plane how will I land?
blue lights everywhere I am the most wanted, I did everything I could plus that room I rented, I am on the right place on the wrong time that’s the place were the bomb has been planted, I open the door there’s a beeping sound boom it has exploded…

I am consciously sleeping in the ward
My team members are on board,
I am their boss shit they’re the one who planted the whole bomb I am doomed,
This life is something else you eat or get eated, you play or get played, I was the master of that game now I am sleeping in that damn ward…

I got arrested for all this shit and robbery,
I served my time and I met this gal I eventually paid dowry, I am given a second chance this time my eyes won’t turn blurry, I am a business man and my life is getting cheesy, thanks God i am a born again my name is Ndumi….