It was a Friday evening in a middle of a month
Just arrived from work couple of hours earlier
Tired and exhausted after a little bit of a nap
Went to have a quick shower and changed my clothes
Went out to the street and headed to a club nearby
Wanted to forget a little bit about work and relax my mind
I went into the club and made my way to the counter
The club was buzzing and buzzy everyone going up and down
I took my beers and made my way to the corner
I glanced around looking at how happy people are on Friday
My eyes flashed through an immeasurable beauty
But couldn’t recall where that beauty was,
Tried to look again and my eyes led me straight to the beautiful lady in the house
My knees became weak and my heartbeat started beating at an unbearable speed
I thought like in the movies whereby you just buy a lady drink from a distance
I thought of all the strategies that can help me get to her
Her beauty was blooming and her smile was just as awesome
I started doubting myself and disheartening myself as always
I felt like I found the love I have been looking for, I couldn’t even look at her for two seconds as scared as I was
I just stayed there thinking and strategizing
All romantic films playing in my head
Rehearsing all the words that the most romantic guy could ever say
I got my head up looked around with my eyes blurry now you know the beers starting to kick in
I was now plugged to approach the love of my life
The heavens couldn’t believe it , my eyes couldn’t believe it either
I saw that lady walking out of the club wrapped around a man’s arms
I couldn’t believe it but I had no one to blame but myself
The man didn’t waste time, I wasted time
My beers became bitter but I grabbed them anyway and headed home from the nearby club