“The melodic sound of my mother’s voice
As she hums her favourite hymn,
Baking scones in the kitchen
On a beautiful sunny chilled day,
My mouth watering from the aroma in my sleep”

“I could hear the sound of birds chirping
Outside my window and the fresh smell
Of fragrance from the blooming flowers.
Jazz music playing softly in the lounge,
My dad sipping his tea, reading a newspaper
a smoke of tobacco coming from outside, it’s my grandfather
Sitting like an old abandoned poor man’”

“I took his old wired radio and played his favorite song,
S’timela sase-zola by Mbongeni Ngema
A huge smile emerged on his face and he stood up
Together we danced until we got smelly from the sweat,
My ribs nagging, laughing from the antique stories’”