The first time we kissed,

I think I was anxious,

I can’t remember enjoying the kiss,

I was creeped out by the feeling of your lips.

I pulled out and said “This is weird”,

we were standing on the side of the road!

I don’t think you understood,

you pulled me in once again so swiftly,

whispered a “Calm down”

but that still didn’t change the mood.

Firstly, you held me so uncomfortably,

you restrained my arms under yours.

Did I say I would run?

There was no need to act like a master lock.

The whole kiss was just…cringe!


was the mood.

My expectations where shattered,

isn’t a first kiss supposed to be magical?

I didn’t feel butterflies in my stomach

and I sure didn’t feel like I was floating.

They say first time kisses aren’t always the best,

I guess my first time isn’t different from the rest.