The sentiment of being in a controlling relationship,

it knows no sympathy but discomfort…

It is defined by threats and hidden shift in atmosphere around you,

Every puff you take feel like a loss of a breath,

Words impose in your words for you to utter,

The conditions make the heart stop pumping,

It causes the drying of your skin like a dewatered flower that dries out,

All the misery and pain you observe,

U had not a glimpse of happiness ever…

Yet, you insist, screaming silently from within.

Deceasing from the inside from the supervision …

Despite all the dilemmas

and curbing you stayed planted,

You stayed rooted in the unfavorable condition

But the painful thing is you don’t know why,

Why you are still ingrain there?

Tell your pals in the same crisis,

That breaking the chain is not that simple,

But only the run will break it completely,

And no turning backs, will only grant you a happily ever after with yourself.

I hope you understood,

And will act in your rooted standpoint of controlling relationship

 I hope one day you will make the hardest decision,

And uproot yourself like a tree uprooted by heavy wind and knocked down in place.

Then run without looking back.

And finally, be free from being a prisoner of someone’s puppet.