Have you ever been in a situation whereby everything is against you?
Feeling of not being wanted,
Feeling of confusion,
I’m sick ,finding myself neglecting each pain,
I’m sick ,but find other pains apart from these I have .

Have you ever gotten tired of being in pain?
Each pain turn to a scar,
Each pain turn to a suicidal thought,
I’m sick ,but don’t seem to find a way out ,
I’m sick ,as these pain are causing me lifetime.

Have you ever been in a situation whereby you want to die?
See who’s gonna cry for you,
See who’s gonna laugh their heart’s out ,
I’m sick ,but I guess the dead me will be free,
I’m sick, but I guess my life will end for the better.

Have you ever been sick whereby you want your life to end right there and then ?
I’m that kind who gets sick easily,
Whether by pain ,people,
Whatever that is no abstract noun,
Knowing that won’t be the end of my pain,
The feeling of being in pain cannot be curednot spoken about ,
But should be dealth with.