I am always willing to change

But I found myself on the same spot.

I pray to move just one step forward

But I found moving two steps backwards.

I am starting to get worried

Is the problem with me or people surrounded me?

I try to hide myself but

They hunt me up and down.

It looks like they knew all my hiding spots

It only took the few minutes to find me.

If I had remain in heaven and rejectrejected coming on earth

I am sure I would be living as a free man.

This earth we are Living on is full of gossip

Killing each other for nothing.

You pay nothing for lying

Manipulation is easier.

Betrayal is just a game

Nobody fear for judgement day.

People fail to hide hatre

You can easily saw jealous brewing in their eyes.

Anger management system is lacking

You would see people sharpening their spears.

You would be left asking the place of war

In order to take the opposite direction.

You will never find the answer

They are deaf and blind.

Action take place day and night

Corpses are found every where.

There is no safe area

In and out of our houses is the same.

It’s like we are Living in a dream

Where by everything happened so fast.

The Earth We Are re Living On

Has changed with a blinking of an eye.