I am not alone

Coz God speaks in my spirit and say’s that “am yours and you mine”

But Sometimes I feel like am in the valley of decisions

Where I feel Satan whispering in my ears, trying to play with my brain.

Saying don’t forget all the pleasures I gave you and you are mine,

The devil asks me some questions while darkening the sun,

You claim to be godly,

But you are still lonely,

You say there is God of glory,

But you are still dying slowly,

Where is your God you claim always?

And tell me if God is real who’s bringing all these problems in your house daily?

Okay let me answer you devil,

you forgot that God created man and gave him will,

To choose between what is good and bad freely

You blame the Most High for the bad relationship you choose willingly,

God takes no pressure in the death of sinners(Ezekiel 18:32) and He wants us to live without fear,

He wants us to overcome come death through Christ the steel,

God is not like Satan who always wishes death and to steal,

This world is not our home please don’t be taken by its passion’s that lure.

Gods love for His people never changes,

But sin drag us away from His beautiful face,

He is the living God who still gives us hope and another chance,

But We deserve death, we only live by His grace and mercies,

So don’t be tempted to question God for your on mistakes,

Repent and surrender your soul He is waiting for you at the holy place.