Woke up at night just to find, that they stole my soul
The demons

They stole my soul and I’m getting it back.
The demons

Walking without sight, all through the emtpy night
Stumbled upon big black gates, at the top covered with spades
All throuth the dark night, there’s no sight of any light.
They’re surrounding and they’re growling sour.
Their fury and fire here to devour.
They’re grabling, cackling for my soul.
Demons – to devour my soul.
Demons – to swallow my soul.
I hear their screaming
I feel their scratching
I snatched my soul
And I’m running out.
It’s a crash, a bang
And a hissing of phantoms.
They’re coming and running!
Oh no no; demons
No, no, no,no demons
They’re stumbling
And fumbling
They’re falling down
Oh they won’t catch me now!!!!
The demons