The dungeon has become my place of residence……

Having been tied with iron chains,my voice has lost resonance…….

What they have failed to get rid of is my resemblance…….

For I had to fight to leave evidence…..
Hoping that stubborn souls may hear my cry and advocate my existence…….

They call me Love….
Because my accreditation came from above….
Irregardless that my essence is nolonger alive…..

My true meaning has been replaced by money……
Money has redefined my name
Now the individuals become difficult to tame
Since in their vocabulary in the absence of money…love has no fame
Doctor marrying the lawyer has become the game
Ignoring the economic situation,for the poor sadly, the background is to blame

Arranged alliances have become the norm
However sooner or later they fail to conform
For in my absence, a stubborn soul may fail to transform

Even so…in the similarity of totems….love has no chance
For those who would like to take a stance
Eventually the soulmates are left in a trance
As they fail to cope with this tuneless dance

Hear my cry
I do not mind even if a few try
What i don’t want is for my essence to dry.

Make me exist once again
For I still do have remains…..