Lives in the sea and on land
The shell is her strength and refuge
Claws for her aggressive nature
Glitter on her is her pride.

Underneath the shell,
Lies flesh that is soft.
The part normally hidden
Protected from anything else,
For its the most fragile of her being.

She is quiet and shy
As she feels the crowds overwhelming,
She retracts to her comfort
And with her feeling blue,
She retracts to her shell.

Bare with her as she might be lunatic
It’s in her nature.
But still her mood phases are extraordinary
And keeps you guessing.
Be patient with her as she shuts you out.

Her specialities are most wonderful
As her sixth sense is her guide
Her psychic nature must be guarded,
Her abilities to taste the bitterness of lies in most powerful,
And her golden heart is the utmost treasure to keep.

In all ,the crab is one in many
With one you are blessed.
Keep it,
Nature as it does to you

Refrain from hurting it
For it is already scared and wounded,
And grudges are still held.

Nurture her as she does to you
Keep her underneath your wing,
And draw her close to your heart
As she would do to you.

Keep her
Experience the garden of her mind,
Indulge in every emotion.
Feel the effect beating heart
As it sings sad songs,
And be the rhythmic tune that changes the sad beat.