You have no hold on me
You’re clutching air
I have long escaped your claws

You will look but will not find me
You’re looking for a scared broken winged bird
I’ve morphed into a big strong mighty eagle
A force to be reckoned with

I’ll no longer hang my head down on the streets
Filled with shame, guilt and dirt,
Dirtier than the word itself

I’m gonna hold my head high
Keep my crown from falling
Stick my chest out
And look down on you, on the hurts, miseries and pains you’ve put me through
Will my knees from buckling

I’m taking off the shame you’ve covered me with
I’m putting on an armour of Grace and love
I’m scrubbing off the grime you’ve put in me

I’m going to pick up my broken pieces and make them a piece of art
And be whole again,
Stand on top of buildings shouting from the top of my lungs
Telling women that what befell them doesn’t define them

The terrors and demons are wrong, it’s not over
Tell them stories about the broken winged bird who escaped and became great
Tell them about hope