As I travelled the world I saw and smelled things that make the skin crawl
Travelling the Earth , learning about my greatest destiny ,who I am supposed to be
About my future self
But little did i know that my destiny is short
Cut me with your words that i won’t succeed in life
I saw what they were doing and I became a threat to them

I watched as they took turns disrupting my life
As they plotted against me but my creator wasn’t invited to say the final word
Because all things concerning me passed through Him

Thought that I would live longer but other people had other dates about me
As I breathe my last breath ,the visit from my forefather and mother
Saying relax you’re going to the Promise land

Xasendilala okokugqiba kwelakwa nyama
Umoya udandathekile kuba kaloku oogxa bam ndibashiya ngemva
Abantwana bakaTata ndiyabashiya
Ndiya kumhlaba wokomkhulu
Ndisiya kwisithembisazwe
Ndiyobona amaTshawe namaMfene andishiyayo

The breath of a dying soul leaving this this world to a better one
To the Promise land