Filled with heaven word

Word said by almighty God

Through prophets and Christ our lord

One believing it is way on heaven road

The Bible

Full of words with realities

Words known with capabilities

Put in to master our brokenness

So to bring us everlasting happiness

The Bible

Filled with words of wisdom

Wisdom to bring us freedom

Its all lacked by all people

Believing it you’re no little

The Bible

Filled with words of comfort

Within troubles we don’t need our effort

Recognizing Him to work out is all we need

Since where He is trusted happiness bleed

The Bible

It’s a tongue and mouth of the most high

No single word in it is said to be a lie

Words known with ability to heal all pain

Once believed they shower a blessing rain

The Bible

Its a sword of victory against the devil

In it there is power to defeat all evil

Worthless living life without knowing it

The scripture is food to feed the soul with