The Mountains so large⛰️
The smell of fresh air.
The wind flowing
Through my hair.🌬
Watching the Mountains⛰️
And looking at the trees.🥦
Made me forget
About my city life,🌃
About how I was going to cow village.
Looking at the breath taking river🏞
Looking at the breath taking Waterfall
Made me proud
To call this my mother land.
When I saw the waterfall
I almost made my dad stop,
So I can take a picture.
The water so fresh
Made me want to dive in for a swim.
Then my dad said,
”When you grow beauty like this
You better bring your swimsuit.”👙
You can’t see beauty like this in the city
As the city has no beauty.🚫
Hope you enjoyed
As I enjoyed bringing you to my mother land.🏞