My weakness you seem to be
With you emotions just take lead
All we hear is each other’s heart beats
We fill the room with extreme heat
Even though at times I get cold feet
How can all such be a treat
A temptation you are
A wired connection with its attraction
Its more than a distraction
I could almost say its manipulation
My heart you have polluted with love living no space hatred
Your touch elevates me to great hights
Under the star a picture if us flickers
The moon knows our secret
Our mutual thoughts and all
Mistakenly I put you on call
Temptation I’m taking the fall
Its time I put you on hold
My focus I’ve been loosing
Cause its only you I’ve been choosing
All this got me compromising
I got no regrets cause currently its you I’m missing
Temptation has been leading
A,magic touch you got it almost feels permanent I hope you got no resentment.
Tempted ,temptations