You go to the taverns at an early age
We are not on the same page
You are locking yourself into a harmful cage
You are leading yourself into a dangerous life
You are always carrying knives
You are destroying the world
You are so annoying
You don’t obey your parent’s rules
You call yourself bulls
When you mess up; What do you expect?
What we need is your respect
You are leading yourself in the wrong direction
Soon you’ll be calling yourself a sad generation
Stay in your own lane
Stop playing a wrong game
Stop chasing fame
You have changed; you are no longer the same
You have children at an early age
You have made many mistakes
You are selfish as a snake
Stop being fake
You are not from a single mother
You have to love one another
You don’t have to harass our elders to get food
What you’re doing is not good
You must work hard to get money
You are so lazy as a chameleon
You deserved to be called leon
Our mothers are praying every day
They want to see you living a good life
They want to see you have a better life
You must make them proud
Believe in yourself and make it happen
Change; you will see what life is holding for you
Change; you will enjoy being part of this world
Change; you will live a happy life
Change; you will thank me later
Change; you will heal
It’s not a big deal
It’s a great meal
Change this new generation
Let this turn into a celebration