WARNING: This piece contains descriptions of sexual abuse

You are my own,

I share you with no one.
You are a true friend.
You keep my secrets to yourself
As promised. I trust you with this one
You are the first one to know
About this and the last one
Please keep this to yourself
My Teddy bear
I’ve been through hell,
I’m still in hell,
I guess I’ll die in hell.
Ngithi umhlaba wangichiliza
Ngingakal’bek nakulbeka
Olwam unyawo kuwo
My other parent denied me
While I was in my mother’s
I was taken the advantage of
At a very young age
The only mom I had was also raped
And killed in my presence.
I was awarded a death promise
Should I open my mouth?
I feel like even my future was denied
I feel like my happiness was forbidden
I feel like I can’t take this any more
My teddy tell no one that I am taking
a trip to the gods that gave me this life
Keep on being a true friend