He who will not die is already dead
For he who is alive will eventually die
Some want to die
Some want to live forever

Those who want to die will eventually die,
Those who wanna live forever will also die.
Our wishes in death don’t matter.
Even though death makes us cry

It comes as a thief
Steal what makes us breath
And leaves us feeling weak
Wishing it (death) could happen to us

They who are bad don’t usually die
But those who are good die young
This lead to:the good die young
While even the evil can die young

It comes prepared to unprepared people
It makes them feel very weak
Till they beg to be next
But no one really knows who’s next

No amount of preparation prepares us for death
Cause it is death,meant to kill us alive
Makes us weak from the inside
For no one is safe from death