Tears flowing through my chicks
Pain in my soul
Wounded thoughts
The heart breaking past

No ome knows what j go through
No one cares what i go through
I try
To impress
To motivate and inspire
But i need it myself

Im so down
Im hurt
Im feeling pain
I just want it all to be over
Its so hard
It hurts a lot

This wound
Gets deeper and deeper as days goes

I kkow i dont have power
To do anything
But one day
They will.feel what im feeling
They will make the same mistakes
They will understad

Tears in my chicks
Broken is my heart
Teared apart is my soul
Im no longer myself
Im not the ntombi i used to be
Pain changed me
Careless people changed me

I hope one day God change them
I hope life can make them humble

They think they are better
They feel like they are innocent

My tears wont fall down for nothing
Only God knows
He will fight for me
Its fine