“Yes my love”
” Can I tell you something?”
“I don’t think you are ready to hear this”
“What gives you the idea that I’m not? Are you breaking up with me Simcelenkosini?”
“See? That’s why I think you not ready for whatever I’m about to say”
“Then don’t say it if it’s gonna hurt me”
“No, if I don’t say it then I’ll live to regret ever not saying it”
“I hope whatever you gonna say is worth my tears”
” Stop wasting my time! I need to go back home and cook dinner for the fam before mom gets back from work.”
“Okay okay! Don’t bite my head off jeez!”
“I’m waiting”
“Please don’t take offense nor go crazy on me for what I’m about to say… I love you more than you can ever love me, infact I love you more than life itself”
“Don’t ever scare me like that again!”
“Ha!ha!ha! … I’ll see to it that I give you more just a pale face next time”
“OMG! You are so silly!”
“Ha!ha! … But honestly babe I love you way more than you can ever love me”
“Pshhh stop tripping dude. I love you like way much”
“Whatever that will make you sleep at night”
“But seriously, you can never love me like I love you”
“Girl! Hold your horses! Why are you acting as if you’ve visited my heart?”
“That’s because I have that heart of yours duh!”
“That means you never checked it out then, that crazy thing beats for no one else but you. Not even me! Imagine!”
“I bet my worships the ground you walk in”
“Bahlali! I’m taken by the best kemna!”
“Babe! … Yeka ukusijongisa”
“I can’t! My love for you made me like this. It’s all your fault! What did you do to me woman? Confess your sins now.”
“I just fell in love, that’s what happened”
“You not the only one head over heels”
“Forever and a day?”
“Forever and a day my love”
“To the moon and never back”
“Straight to the heavenly heavens my love. Now let’s seal this with a kiss”
“Say no more!”