Once upon a time
Love lives were quick to end as if they were a child’s rhyme
That was the everyone’s belief
Get yourself a girl or guy and find yourself in daily beef

But when I found my soulmate
Beliefs faded as I thought it was fate
Little did I know that things wouldn’t stay the same
Couldn’t believe my soulmate would see our love as a game

Started when I became the curious cat
Not knowing that pain would hit me with a bat
I looked around his small but handsome place
Searched like police officer hoping to find a trace

There we go, found something
Its a picture of a girl, might be a fling
Knew too well it was not a sister
He’s no church guy, knows zilch about stuff like Easter

At the back of the picture was a letter
My heart pumped as I thought if it made matter
I took a breath of courage and started reading
My heart started bleeding

It wasn’t just a friendly letter or note
It was a love letter for the girl in the picture, who wore a red coat
A letter with so much emotion
It was so real and romantic written by a guy who was fed a love potion

As I waited for his return, I felt lost
All my love washed away with no cost
Who was he?
Was he not the one for me?

He came back from wherever he was
I didnt notice him, I was in a buzz
When I saw him,I didnt see the love of my life
How could he be if he had a soon to be wife

I was broken
Although I ended up giving him a token
A token of appreciation for opening my eyes
Precious things must come to an end like a delicous packet of fries