I loved him alot , I won’t lie
Watch him sleeping and I’d tell myself he’s the one
When I kneel down to pray for protection , his name was the first thing I’d mention .

Still he failed to see how much I loved him .
Goodness and success is what I wished for him ,
His happiness was mine too .

When he was sad , My heart broke , because his smile and laughter is what kept me alive ,
What kept me breathing and going .

I loved him for being himself and I’d find myself in him .
I felt like he was the perfect piece that completed my puzzle .
Still he failed to discover that .

I lost myself the day he left me ,
He said it’s for the better , but the worst I became .

Still he failed to see that my day without him was like a day without sunrise .
I thought that I was his sunflower .

His masculinity and that he was made of money was not the reason why I wanted to be with him .

Love , loyalty and respect were the only things I needed.

He kept on excluding me in his future plans , it felt surreal when he said he’s leaving ,
Leaving me behind .

Still he failed .