When I touch you
All I feel is sound
A xylophone can resonate air
To produce high timbre sound
But that can’t match when I touch your breasts
A pitch I feel is golden
When my mouth hint
Softly your lips
My ears fail to know
How the flute air column might vibrate
To produce sound
My soul awakes , the sound sets me high
Oooh darling
When my hands creep over
Your waist the soft music of a violin
I feel
Indeed soprano
Well coded
What’s more than
When you’re tightly held in my arms
You give a quality note
Straitened strings of a guiter soften our soul with sound
But can never match to the music
You own my ear
When I try to move my hand
Over your body
All you set in me is sweeter
than the sound of a piano
A keyboard sound and frequency can be heard
Bass , soprano and soft in nature
But that to no avail
When your touch faces mine
You have all the musical instruments
The real music lies in you
You are my guitar
You are my toumborine
My piano
My flute
My xylophone
And my beloved violin .

Love dawn poet