Take it easy I won’t laugh.

I understand it was tough.

I see you’re afraid to show me,

Don’t be, please show it to me!

I won’t judge you upon them,

I won’t be terrified by your scars,

Because I, too, have my own scars.

Show me your scars, every emotional one!

Show me your scars, every physical one!

Your scars tells a story which is untold;

Behind that story are lessons to be learned.

Your scars tell a history to be heard.

Your scars are the definition of who you are.

Scars are the directions of where you from.

Scars are signs of where you heading to.

Through your scars I see a strong human.

Through your scars I see no mere boy, but a man.

Through your scars I see no mere girl, but a woman.

You proved to be a solid rock so strong like iron and,

Like iron you didn’t break but bend instead!

Through your scars I see no coward,

But fearless bravest warrior of old!

You didn’t retreat nor surrender till the end.

All sort of turbulences shocked you.

All sort of suffering happened tp you.

All sort of challenges keeps testing you.

You were a victim, you’ve been victimised!

Your scars shows you were in the battle,

You fought with your all might!

Through bleeding you kept fighting.

Your scars makes me call you a knight

You can stand against all sort of pains,

Because pains does not last forever!

But only scares last forever with purpose.

It’s okay as humans to have scars,

We all as humans have different scars.

Scars which came by not being an evil perpetrators,

But scars came by being victims of evil doers!

Don’t be ashamed if those scars reveal themselves!

You should wear them proudly, embrace them!

You should put it in your head as like golden crown,

Because you prove to be a conquerer!

As a fighter you prove victorious in all sort,

Because life is like a battlefield nor a resort!

We’re contenders wrestling with trials of life.

Life will keep inscribing our flesh with scars.

This doesn’t mean we must give up or give in,

But continue to maneuver our lives through.

These are reasons why I wanted to see your scars.

Just to sympathise with you to encourage you.

Your scars will give me power in return

Your scars will strengthen me in return

Your scars will inspire me, never frail of anything.

Your scars are immaculate, like decoration of art!

Show me your scars and I will show you mine.

Our scars shows that we’re fighters,

Let’s fight till the end!

Because success will result through our scars.

And we’ll not dare try to hide our scars.

Show me your scars then.