Lift up your eyes to the sky
Shed no tears
Channel from your mind a smile
Wipe away your fears
From the lies you’ve been told,find the truth then live your truth
Shed no tears,let no worries in
It’s no small feat,turn those worries into wonders,let them wonder how you come out stronger
Make your moves audible enough that you speak without speaking
Make no mistake of making a sound from which the source is aching
Shed no tears, make no room for fears belonging in the abyss
Channel your aches into healing
Free the mind from confusion,sort out the confusion and neutralize it
Then heal,heal those eyes from shedding tears
Teach your heart gratitude whenever bitterness chooses to dwell
Allow your good thoughts to reverberate until your bad thoughts recoil
Practice your mind to speak with your mind & the fruits of your mental labour will be reaped by your heart and soul therefore chastising the wicked.