She is a woman
Her soul was ripped from her.
She lost touch with reality
She learned to laugh,
Even when pain lingered in her soul.

She is a woman
Destroyed by what men had done to her,
Men who came in many colours
Some in shades that they were not.
Men created the circle of abomination in her life.

She is a woman
Men ripped of her clothes,
Without her permission.
She tried to keep her legs closed,
They kept forcing themselves on her.
When they left, they left her with scars.

She is a woman
Damaged by men who are
Liers an Hippocrates.
Who said they loved her,
Only to steal the little joy they met her with.

She is a woman
A whole who’s rights were taken away,
By men, men who were brothers,
Men whom she trusted.

She is a woman
A woman that men took advantage off,
Demanding sex to give her a job.
A woman who later realised it was not just sex,
It was a wound,
A life time wound that can never heal.

She is a woman
A woman that men with no integrity,
Made her a tool,
A sex worker.
A woman that men failed to protect.
A woman who’s soul was ripped.

She is a woman
a woman who gave her soul to the devil,
When she stepped to death
A man who tried to rape her.

She is a woman
A woman who was once in love,
In love with the idea of love.
The idea that left her beaten and scared.
The idea that made her to loose herself,
Damaging her beautiful face.
The idea that left her senseless,
Bleeding to death.
She is a woman who’s soul was ripped.