She who understands me most

She who knows me better than anyone

She who gives the warmest hugs

She who can handle my emotions

Even if I don’t want people to

She who always celebrates with me

She who loves me for me

She who knows all my secrets

She who knows all my problems

She who knows all my fears

She who knows my likes and dislikes

She who knows everything

She who always make me laugh when sad

She who uplifts me when I’m down

She who I miss and long for

She who understands my craziness

She who heals me

She who I really miss

You are my everything

My all

My forever wanna keep

My other sis

My little sis

A little sis I never had

My sister from another mother

My bestie

My other better half

I love you

I miss you so bad right now

I miss your hugs

I miss your kisses

I miss our craziness and silliness

I miss us

Please come back

love T

to you, my bestie