I give myself seven days to

forget you.

On the first day, I cry.

On the second day, I curse you.

On the third day, I scroll through your Facebook

profile and see that you have added new meaning

to the phrase, ‘moving along swiftly.’

On the fourth day, I take to pen and paper and

scribe that ‘ you are just like the rest of them and

you never deserved me anyway.’

On the fifth day, I take sexy shots of myself and

post them, to remind you of what you have been


On the sixth day, I cry again, reminiscing about the

good times we’ve had and the love we’ve shared.

And on the seventh day, I force myself to accept life

without you and close the last chapter of our love

story for good.

On the eighth day, I realise that it is going to take

more than seven days to forget you but I know I

will, if I take it one day at a time.