Self Embracement 
Looking all over my body, 
Only dark brown stretch marks are visible, 
Negative comments made by people, 
People who don’t even know who they are, 
Telling me what to wear and what not to wear, 
Ready to judge my body but slowly to understand how I am created, 
Ready to lower my self-esteem but forgot that I am strong.
I am the thickest bone covered with black silky skin, 
One of the strongest Sotho girls who was taught very well, 
Seshweshwe is my traditional dress, 
Short pants are what I feel comfortable in, 
Tried wearing long dresses to make them feel better, 
But forgot to satisfy my needs. 
Tried wearing short pants for them to accept me, 
But that built too much disrespect and lowered my standards.
People are always ready to judge, 
But too slow to approve what others like, 
Living your life to please human beings, 
Living your life to please one toxic animal. 
One thing I will never do in my whole life, 
Living the life that others want for me. 
Hiding my true self just to be accepted, 
The dumbest thing I have ever done. 
Acceptance is surely the best key to a nice life.